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  • Helps in aspiring to the divine source, and towards eternal existence in a healthy body with an alert mind; 

  • Designed to increase life expectancy, the “Eternity” FSC offers both physical and spiritual longevity;

  • Boosts the user’s connection with energies of righteousness and the laws of universal harmony;

  • Helps the person to achieve inner beauty and spiritual wealth;

  • Directs the person’s conscience towards realizing the divine purpose and the true objectives of their soul; 

  • Contributes to the gradual stimulation of a state of absolute divine love; 

  • Helps to instil in the user’s soul the joy of creation, and an awareness and respect of the achievements of others. Through such conduct greatness of soul is achieved and it is recorded in the energies of eternity; 

  • Helps to attain a harmonious interaction with the world and boosts a state of psychological balance and well-being;

  • Assists in restoring ancestral memory and in feeling the support of forebears in the acceptance and assimilation of new energies;



  • Schützen vor elektromagnetischer Strahlung

  • Erhöhen die Widerstandsfähigkeit und Anpassungsfähigkeit an negative Umwelteinflüsse

  • Strukturieren Wasser oder andere Flüssigkeiten, einschließlich der Flüssigkeiten unseres Körpers

  • Fördern die Revitalisierung und des Wohlbefindens


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